Kelp Facial Handmade Soap

I was looking for an organic soap to use for this winter season because my skin gets too flaky and irritated during this dry, cold weather. Actually, I was looking for goat milk soap though I was able to find an online seller but sad to say she was not able to deliver my order for some reason.

After patiently surfing the internet I found an organic product seller Body Tonics KSA, browsed over the list and ordered a few items. There were a few soaps to choose from the list but I decided to try the Kelp Facial Handmade Soap since on the description it says – detoxifying.


Let’s identify the ingredients first and get some information of each and the benefits they give to our skin.

Water – (I suppose this is a purified water) is used as a solvent in skin care products. It dissolves many of the ingredients that impart skin benefits, for instance conditioning and cleansing agents.

Coconut Oil – acts as an effective moisturizer on all skin type especially dry skin, delays the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, sagging of skin which usually causes aging.

Rice Bran Oil – rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, improves skin elasticity and boosts skin’s natural regeneration process, hydrates the skin and helps it to retain moisture, even out the skin tone,  reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, slows down aging process, doesn’t clog pores,  naturally protect the skin from sun damage and works as natural sunblock.

Soybean Oil – excellent moisturizer, vitamin E in the oil keeps the skin smooth and young looking, reduce the appearance of fine lines, excellent anti-aging and evens out blotchiness and skin discoloration.

Sunflower Oil – used as emollients in cosmetics; rich in vitamin E, improve skin and regenerating cells, lightens scar, reduce inflammation, excellent for dry skin

Sodium Hydroxide – an inorganic compound used to regulate the pH levels or act as a buffering agent in cosmetics and personal care products.

Kelp Power – nourishes, revitalizes and firms the skin, hydrates and restores moisture levels, cleans, soothes and detoxifies the skin, tone and improves skin texture, aids in cell generation, protects from environmental elements, slows skin aging, contains beta-carotene and anti-oxidants

Essential Oil – is an ancient beauty secret that is perfect for soothing away the visible signs of aging, spots and fine lines, and restoring a healthy and glowing complexion.


Road test:

I was so excited to use this soap and see if this will meet my expectation. Since this is an organic handmade soap and not an over the counter kind of soap, the price is not as cheap as the ones you grab from the soap aisles at the groceries. To not waste the soap in the shower, I cut it into two and kept the other one to use after I consume the first half. Thus saves me money too.

The soap was delivered in the evening; I used it to wash my face before I went to bed.

Day 1 – Evening – after thoroughly washing my face, I felt my skin soft. Day 2 – I washed my face with the soap and let it sit for a minute before rinsing it off. After washing my face felt soft, not dry and tight. I tried to scrape my nose with my nail where dirt and white heads are embedded and on the forehead where I can still scrub off dead skin cells or night creams left on my skin. I usually do this after shower because I hate that dirt is still there even after a thorough washing of the face. This time I was surprised to see very little of the usual film of dirt I scraped off after washing my face with the kelp soap compared to using with the over the counter soap or face wash.

Day 3-  Face felt more soft, not dry and tight, moisturized, oily but not greasy. I thought maybe because of the day and night creams plus the Argan oil I slather on my face every day that my skin was hydrated and moisturized though I can really feel a big difference. I also put on a shine free face powder.

That night I thought, well there was a lot on my face so maybe I’ll scrape more dirt or traces of the day’s cream, oil and powder. I was wrong. There was so little film of dirt that even after I dab a facial cleanser or toner, the cotton ball was with very little residue of dirt unlike before that even after washing my face, I still need to use 2-3 cotton balls with toner to wash off the remaining make up, creams, dirt and grimes.

Day 4 – I opted not to use any creams and oil at all so I can compare the difference with washing only with the kelp soap and with when I slather oil and moisturizers on my face during the day. Result was amazing. NO moisturizers or creams on but my face felt really soft, not tight and dry and very moisturized that I literally don’t need any oil or moisturizer at all.

This time I tried using it on my body as well to really test the wonder of this kelp soap. I left the soap on my skin like 2 – 3 minutes before rinsing it off. As my shower routine, I tried rubbing off dead skin cells off my legs, arms and feet but – whoa! – It’s like the dead skin cells I usually rub off my skin after washing with an ordinary soap was reduced to 50%.

Day 5 –no oil, day cream, make up and only the kelp soap but face was still very much moisturized. I can feel the natural oils of my face coming out but not greasy.

Day 6 – I slathered back on my day and night creams plus the face powder and of course the kelp soap.

Day 7 – I used the kelp soap on my face and body.  My skin felt so hydrated after the shower. I did not put on any body lotion and skin feels moisturized and hydrated for more than 8 hours I suppose because I did not feel any itch until bedtime.

I use the kelp soap on my face only and my skin is really happy with all the nourishment it gets from the organic ingredients of the soap.

  1. My face didn’t feel any tingling and burning sensation that I felt with the other soaps I had tried.
  2. It is gentle and mild, not greasy, no dry and flaky skin.
  3. Skin feels hydrated and moisturized.
  4. My skin feels refreshed, nourished, soft and supple.
  5. Dirt, oils and grimes were melted thus leaving a healthy glow.
  6. Organic and essential oils really help boost skins elasticity.

After years of trying different soaps and facial washes, this kelp soap from Bodytonicsksa is one the best organic soaps I have tried. My friend tried this too and loved the soap as well that we re-ordered 10 soaps but sad to say, only 9 were left. We bought all plus essential oils, and others.  I hope this will last till winter is over.


Sakeenah was generous enough to give me freebies after my 2nd purchase and I can’t wait to give my unbiased review of these products. I actually used the organic lip balm today and it’s just fantastic as well.


I’d really love to hear your story shared here with an organic soap you have tried or used so we can share notes. What do you think?

Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope to see you again on my next blog!